• Tzu Chi medical & nursing care [Vol. 28]:From Being Paralyzed to Walk Again
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From Being Paralyzed to Walk Again
Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Stem Cells Treatment, Traditional
Chinese & Western Medicine Integration for Brain Injury

Wishes Granted
Regarding the Cognition and Actions of Clinical Nursing Professionals to Fulfill Wishes for Patients in Taiwan

Tzu Chi medical care:medicine with humanity
Humanistic Medicine with Reverence for Life.

Saving Lives, Safeguarding Health, and Upholding the Spirit of Love.

  • Dharma Master’s Blessings Be Vegetarian and Always Be Grateful(第6頁)
  • Editorial Cultivating Compassion and Wisdom by Treating Patients as Family(第8頁)
  • Humanities Kisses, Hugs, and Blessings from Syrian Refugees(第12頁)
  • Cover Story(第18頁)
    • From Being Paralyzed to Walk Again(第18頁)
    • Wishes Granted(第76頁)
  • Worldwide Medical Missions(第39頁)
    • New York, U.S.A. - Omni Technological Physical Examination Benefits New Immigrants Without Health Insurance(第39頁)
    • West Nusa Tenggana, Indonesian - Strong Earthquake Destroyed Homes and Caused Casualties, Rescue Mission with Free Clinics in Action(第42頁)
    • Ontario, Canada - Globalization of TCM(第48頁)
  • An Ode to Life Set Feet On the Ground(第54頁)
  • Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation The Last Word “Okay”(第62頁)
  • Hospital Diary(第66頁)
    • Taichung - Dengue Fever New Cases Increasing, Effectiveness Seen in the Treatment of Combining Chinese and Western Medicine(第66頁)
    • Hualien - 15th Anniversary of Liver Transplant(第68頁)
  • Ways of Vegetarianism The Third-largest Vegetarian Cohort Database - Tzu Chi Discovers That Going Vegetarian Can Prevent Chronic Diseases(第72頁)
  • Angel’s Diary No Matter How Far, My Life Path Would Never Change(第100頁)
  • Character Profile Walk out of Hospital to Help Cure the Needy(第103頁)
  • Volunteer Companionship Hospital Staff as Taiwan Tulip Movement Disorder Association Volunteers(第110頁)
  • Male Nurse Diary Show My Confidence and Pride as a Male Nurse(第114頁)
  • White Coat vs. White Uniform(第116頁)
    • As a Nursing Records Reading Lover Chief(第116頁)
    • Thank Nephrology Nurses for Always Being Kind to Patients(第119頁)
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