• Sweet Baby's Fun Months of the Year
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  • 作者: Sheila L. Morris
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:2013
  • ISBN:9781618974242; 9781631357855
  • 格式:EPUB 流式,PDF
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Sweet Baby's Fun Months of the Year explores all the months and what 'Sweet Baby' does during each of those twelve months. Learn about the seasons of the year and the important holidays that we celebrate. This fun children's book also introduces ordinal numbers that are just 'tons of fun.' Sheila L. Morris is a pharmacist from Tallahassee, Florida. Her true passion is teaching young children. 'I would like to plan a series of educational books for preschoolers to learn, use their imagination, and most of all have fun.'

  • January is here!(第3頁)
  • March is here!(第5頁)
  • April is here!(第6頁)
  • May is here!(第7頁)
  • June is here!(第8頁)
  • July is here!(第9頁)
  • August is here!(第10頁)
  • September is here!(第11頁)
  • October is here!(第12頁)
  • November is here!(第13頁)
  • December is here!(第14頁)
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